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Thread: can you save progress on burnt discs?

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    can you save progress on burnt discs?

    Apologies if the title is a bit misleading. I have recently got a Wii, and have spent a lot of time soft modding and hacking it, etc. My son is currently playing Kirby's epic yarn that I burnt onto dvd. (running it thru neogamma) However, at the beginning it said something about not being able to save. My question is this...can you save games that you have burnt onto dvd? I don't want him to have to start from the beginning each time.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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    Game saves have nothing to do with the media the game is on. Everything is saved the same way, directly to your Wii console. There must be some other issue. Is your Wii's memory full?

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    panic over...we tried the game again, and this time it did save. I think I was being dumb. Thanks anyways. Appreciate it.


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