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Thread: What kind of mods do I really need?

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    What kind of mods do I really need?


    I am reading guides and tutorials in preparation to hack/soft mod my wii (pre 3.2). Though all i really want for my wii is to be able to play non-US region (official) games. Loading games and virtual consoles isn't much of a priority. I wonder if there was a specific thread that talks about soft modding to bypass wii's region lock.

    Thank you for all the help in advance.

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    I'm not sure there's anyway to make your Wii region free without softmodding. When you Softmod your Wii you will install Priiloader which I believe has a option to enable region free.

    In addition you can use one of the USB loaders which will allow you to rip and load games of any region from a USB device.

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    I see. Thanks for the clarification. I shall go through with soft modding and be sure to let all of you know if any other problems arise.


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