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Thread: Game updates after downgrading

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    Game updates after downgrading

    I am new to the forum, I looked through a few posts and did not see any that really answered my question. Forgive me, and please point me int he right direction if this has been answered.

    I recently installed HBC and then downgraded my wii from 3.4U to 3.2U. After a few hours I ripped a game using the dvd dumber and played the game using Gecko OS or w.e.

    The problem: Today I was going to play my Super Smash BB(purchased version) game with a friend, and it wants me to update. What are my options, will this update me to a particular version or connect me to the net to get the most recent? How do I play a legit game that wants to update? I think you get the idea, so before I keep asking unnecessary questions I will wait for some feed back.

    Thank you in advanced friends.

    Edit: Not that it matters, but I actually used "backup launcher Gamma wiiGator" to load that backup game
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    i dont believe you searched
    just update from it
    but dont update from any other game, install Starfall or boot in gecko OS

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    It doesn't connect to the internet I take it?
    How about Shaun White?

    I looked into the starfall thing, but how dangerous is that?

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    Starfall is the BOMB. It will block updates from games, helps prevent/recover from semi-bricks, etc. Definitely a must-have.

    As for updating to be able to run the game, if you are running homebrew and REALLY do a search, there ARE ways here to update what you need to run the game without actually updating your entire firmware.


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