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Thread: Smart DIY'er...a little confused

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    Question Smart DIY'er...a little confused

    Hi All! As a newcomer to hbc/hacks/etc. I'm getting a little confused as to all the different programs out there. I got my Wii after Christmas, and have been set on softmodding it. I understand that a lot of people have better luck (or just a personal preference) with chips....this MAY be an option for me at some point.

    I'm not looking to have some NASA-quality Wii...what I'm looking to have as an end result is the ability to play burned iso games. I have downloaded a bunch of them from various torrent sites, but have them residing on my PC.

    What I've done so far...
    -Installed HBC using Twilight Hack
    -Dowgraded from 3.4U to 3.2U
    -Installed Starfall, shop IOS51, WADManager (Installed IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad)
    -Ran AnyRegionChanger
    -Installed backuplauncher 0.3gamma
    -I've tried brickblocking some iso's, but they won't play either with the disk channel or launcher. (what am I doing wrong?) [using Verbatim -R's, Nero 8 platinum, 2x speed]

    I've tried very hard to rummage through the forums and tuts (which are GREAT) but the more I look...the more confused I get.

    I'm hoping that someone would be able to give me a little guidance as to exactly what I need to do. Like I said, I'm not looking to mod games or code/play dvd/stream/launch nuclear weapons/etc.....just looking to play some games.

    I GREATLY appreciate whatever help I can get from the hackers out there.

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    thats all you need

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    Any insight as to what I'm doing wrong with the games? I've tried burning ~10 games and none work. I keep getting (using launcher) "DVD Read Error (342)". The process that I've been doing is pretty simple:
    - Download torrent
    - extract iso
    - run brickblock
    - burn iso to dvd-r with nero @ 2x w/verify files enabled.
    I do have imgburn available (I've noticed that there are a lot of references to people using that) should I use that instead?

    I feel like I'm so close to making it work...

    Thanks LOADS!!

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    What are you trying yo achieve? you got all you need

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    you need Cios 37, and 249

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    Like I said, I'm just trying to achieve the ability to play burned games. I'm just curious as to what it is I'm doing wrong. I'm analytical by nature, so it's bugging the HELL out of me! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    you need Cios 37, and 249
    I appreciate all the help that I've received (and read) about this whole process. I'm still not able to play any copies though. I did notice that when I ran anyregionchanger, there was a warning after it ran. ("mismatched area/region") Any meaning???

    I did get cios 37 (see pic, sorry about the cam pic) and 249. I tried burning the ios with imgburn (verify on, 2.4x) after brickblock...a couple of different times. When I try to run the game (using wiigator or backuplauncher gamma) I get a "DVD Read Error (324)"

    Am I missing something here?

    Thanks everyone!
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    Just a thought ??
    Have you tried burning 1 WITHOUT brickblocking it ? .....I have never brickblocked any of my downloads but I also stay within region...PAL system so I use PAL d/loads
    You can force your region setting from Gamma if necessary & you are running starfall to block disk updates ?
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    get a "DVD Read Error (324)" ? check your cIOS36 status.

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    Yes. A 324 DVD is very likely to be a missing or badly installed cIOS36 installed (as IOS249). I initially had this problem. Try getting hold of a different copy of IOS249. The first time, I tried to use the installer through HBC and it didn't work. I managed to get it working by installing a wad version using Wad Manager.

    Also, as said above, try not using brickblocker. You shouldn't need it anyway if you have the "skip disc updates" switched on in Starfall.

    Oh, and yes, use ImgBurn. I'm not suggesting Nero won't work, but ImgBurn definately works.

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