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Thread: Hacked my wii, now quite a few games aren't working.

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    Hacked my wii, now quite a few games aren't working.

    Okay, first thing, I have most of these games and they were all working prior to me hacking my wii. They seem to load now, but the screen is consistently scrolling up any time I try to open them. It doesn't even get to the health and safety warnings before it starts scrolling up and is almost completely unreadable and is certainly unusable. The games I'm having trouble with now are;

    Fire Emblem
    Pandora's Tower
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    The Last Story
    Skyward Sword
    Xenoblade Chronicles

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    All the above? Tells absolutely NOTHING. You should start here:

    Introduce Yourself

    While you're at it, are you speaking of a wiihacks softmod guide or some FAILTUBE guide? What System Menu? What region? Get the idea?


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