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Thread: D2Pro Blocking Updates

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    D2Pro Blocking Updates


    I've got a D2C with D2Pro. Most backups work fine but some games such as Need for Speed Undercover fail. I get the icon on the Wii menu but when the game is started it hangs with a blank screen.

    From other forums I've gathered that my D2Pro is blocking updates, which are necessary for some games to run like Need for Speed.

    I've got D2Pro 1.7 utility disk and have tried unblocking updates, but I must be doing something wrong.

    Does anyone have any advice?

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    need for speed has a required update

    install Cios 37
    ios 38, 53, 55

    and youll be fine

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    If you use 1.7 config disc to take off blocking it should do the update. Make sure to have pal/jpn games blocked though if you are in USA region.

    My advice is stick to games in your own region and it should work fine.
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    Thanks Spyman. I had used the 1.7 disk to change the "Allow System Updates" option.
    The options I've got are EUR, ALL and NONE. I've tried them all without success. Am I doing something wrong?

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