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Thread: Some general questions before I decide to mod

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    Some general questions before I decide to mod

    Ok, first off, I'm new to this forum and if this is the wrong area to post this, please forgive me and move it.

    I'm getting ready to get a Wii and I'm planning on modding it. The only thing I've ever messed around with and modded was the original Xbox. So I've been out of this game for quite some time. I just had a couple of questions before I start:

    1) Should I be able to buy a Wii from a retail store in the next few weeks and mod it without issue or do I need to take care to buy a specific Wii? The guide I've read through is the Softmod ANY Wii guide but I'm just making 100% sure that it's still current.

    2) My end goal with softmodding a Wii is to also have an external HDD to backup my games AND play them from it. I believe this is possible from what I've read but I'm unsure whether I need a soft or hard mod to accomplish it. I attempted to search but I'm not seeing exactly what I'm after. I'm probably using incorrect terms for it. Are there any guides out there you could recommend?

    3) Anything else you'd like to share with a newbie modder?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Make a post in the Introduce Yourself section of the site. You will be greeted with a bunch of links and info that will help you get started!

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    Moved to the newbie section as well. OP: you should click the link in cjizzle's signature entitled "A basic introduction to Wii hacking" as well.

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    1. try to buy a white regular sized Wii that has gamecube ports for the most features

    2. like what the two said, you should check that site, itll answer your question better

    3. yea dont go on youtube for help


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