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Thread: New to wii modding a couple questions

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    New to wii modding a couple questions

    i have a version 3.1u wii and have been reading up on modding it for the last couple days from what i hear 3.2u is the best firmware for this what i was wondering is what is the best way to get my wii to a 3.2u?....should i do the twilight hack while it is still a 3.1u? and other than needing the twilight hack what other software would i need to run backups?? sorry i am really new to this so all the info you can give will help

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    homebrew if u odnt have a modchip via anyregion changer

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    so two more question any idea where i can get a twilight hack for this version or are they all the same and does anyreigon changer come along with the homebrew channel once i do the hack??

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    just use beta 1
    no you got to download it elsewhere

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    Be aware that if you use the official Wii firmware updater via your console you will get the latest update that Nintendo is pushing out (3.4).

    If you do this you will have to downgrade again to 3.2.

    Start here -

    Hope this helps,

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    Read the tuts....everything you need and more....


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