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Thread: Newbie looking for compressing iso help

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    Newbie looking for compressing iso help

    Sorry for the bad title
    just joined like 2 secs ago
    I was wondering if i can run compressed wii games
    like compress an homebrew or iso game coz i dnt hav an external hdd yet
    all i hav is a 2gb flash
    can i zip them and run them on any usb loaders

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    Huh? A game image's size varies per game. In the strictest sense, almost all are 4.36gb in size. Now a backup loader can remove the update partition (if applicable) and padding (ie non-game related) and you may accomplish this, yes. Depends on the game.

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    yea you can except in Wii terms its called a scrubbed game instead of compressed game. All Wii games are 4.36GB like what nightstah said in .iso form. However every game varies in size after it is scrubbed.

    For example, New Super Mario Bros Wii is like...400? 600? MB in size after being scrubbed while Super Smash Bros Brawl is like 7GB scrubbed

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