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Thread: Ocarina, "This is Not a valid Wii Application"

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    Ocarina, "This is Not a valid Wii Application"

    I just recently got the homebrew channel with LetterBomb. I also got Gecko OS for Project M and it works fine. However, I tried using Ocarina whilst following one of the forum topics tutorials and when I try to start up Ocarina it says "This is not a valid Wii application" and does nothing else. I retraced my steps back throught the tutorial and saw I followed everything precisely but for some reason I get this error. Can anyone help?

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    I got this error once on a different app and the below fix it for me.

    Try downloading the app again and unzip it with winrar, make sure it unzips without errors.

    You could also download the app from the homebrew browser.

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