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Thread: Trying to update everything - running into some issues

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    Trying to update everything - running into some issues

    So I've come back after not playing with my soft modded Wii for awhile and I'm trying to update everything (that I can see requires updates other than stuff I randomly downloaded from the HB browser) and I'm running into some issues.

    Background first:
    - I have PriiLoader 0.7 (r138) installed
    - iOS v60 (according to PriiLoader)
    - Systemmenu v54449 (according to PriiLoader)
    - 4.1U installed
    - iOS 58 v24.32 (according to HOME menu in HBC)
    - 1.1.0 HBC
    - BootMii v1.3 (according to BootBii (i)nfo)

    I'm trying to update the following (that I know of)
    - Wii Shop Channel
    - cIOS
    - iOS

    I've tried copying various apps to my SD card's \app\ folder, and the app either a) doesn't show up in the HBC list after being copied or b) the wad file(s) don't show up in the WAD manager (or SDExplorer) when browsing the contents of the SD card or installable WAD packages, even though I can take the card out and see them on a computer


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    Follow this guide. Start @ the spoiler labeled "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed" and all the way to the end of the guide.

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    I tried to do the first step after copying the contents of a .rar file to my SD card and I'm running into the same issue - the app\wad files do not show up in HBC

    I'm on this step (marked with asterisks) under the spoiler you recommended I start from:
    Extract WiiMod-58-61_Hackmii_1.1.0 to sd:\
    Load the HomeBrew Channel
    ** Launch WiiMod - WiiMod will load**

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    Did you extract and to the root of your SD card with WinRAR? There's a spoiler section where it shows what the directory structure should appear like on your SD card...

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    I extracted the files from the .rar file to the directory they were downloaded to (a local folder on the desktop), then opened the folder it created ("WiiMod-58-61_Hackmii_1.1.0") and there were 2 folders within it called "apps" and "wad", I copied those to the root of my SD card and put the card back into my Wii and opened HBC, no dice.

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    I had to ask/confirm, as the way you posted it left it a little bit in the air, lol

    Is this a 2gb or smaller full SD card? Did you format it FULL (ie, not quick) and as FAT32? When you insert the SD card, your apps folder is what HBC sees. It should then have subdirectories and within each should be a boot.dol (which is what HBC launches for a relevant app).

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    It's a 2GB card and I haven't formatted it in awhile. I can download apps from the HB browser and it'll add apps to the apps folder and they then show up in HBC but if I copy files over (that have the various files including the boot.dol file), they don't show up.

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    It is expected that your card be blank and freshly formatted. I fully realize that technically you'd expect it to be a non-issue, but please do so and report back your findings.

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    Just tried it.
    I formatted the drive with FAT32, copied only those 2 folders in that .rar file, and still doesn't show up in HBC. Now there is nothing showing up in HBC (i backed up the SD Card contents before formatting obviously)

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    So it's like this:


    Please eyeball and confirm. You're at System Menu 4.1US based on your initial post, correct?

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