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Thread: Mod files and wii files on same sd card?

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    Mod files and wii files on same sd card?

    Hi, I haven't modded my Wii yet. I was just wondering, is it possible to have the mod files on the same SD card along with any Wii files eg. save data and official Wii channels?

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    Sure, it is possible. But typically for simplicity you start the mod with a formatted sd card, mod the wii, format the card again removing unwanted files, then add permanent files back. You don't really want to keep the mod files on your sd card, it is possible someone will use them and mess up your wii, kids, friends, etc.
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    If you have data on the SD Card that you don't want deleted in a format, back it up. Format the card when our guide tells you to do so, and when done, you can restore your backed up data so the card doesn't look any different than it does from before the mod.
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