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Thread: What are my options for DVD playback, besides WiiMC?

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    What are my options for DVD playback, besides WiiMC?

    Looking to try to get my softmodded Wii to play a DVD series, but it's difficult to navigate the menus on WiiMC because there is no menu feedback for the user visible so it's difficult to tell what is being selected, and playing the English version of the show results in weird, infrared colours instead of what I expect. The DVD defaults to the Japanese version with Chinese subtitles, so I'm screwed out with skipping the menu, and the Japanese and English version of the show are completely different and I can't switch between them without the menu.

    Are there any other utilities or tools that someone has made that might allow me to watch this series on my Wii?

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    You can try MPlayer CE but it lacks menu support...


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