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Thread: How do i run WBFS games?

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    How do i run WBFS games?

    I'm Using NeoGamma to run ISO Games. But i Have downloaded a WBFS Game, and NeoGamma says "error: no wii/gdc game". What should i do?


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    .wbfs files are different than .iso files. .wbfs is the container for games on an external HDD. Please be aware we do not support piracy here, so tread carefully.

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    ok wbfs is sort of a compressed iso image, you cant just burn it to a dvd and play as you would an iso, there are 2 ways to continue from here 1st) if you have a usb hard drive/dongle/sd card of decent capacity you can put a folder on the root (first page-not within any other file) called wbfs put all your wbfs games in that and select the appropriate partition (sd/usb) i would use wiiflow for that rather than neogamma (if you dont have wiiflow you followed the wrong guide follow this and do it again-
    2nd) use this Wii Backup Manager to convert your wbfs file to an iso and burn with imburn (wich i assume you have)
    as cjizzle says piracy is not supported here, but im sure you was recovering a copy to replace the one you own but cant use due to damage or similar?
    hope this helps


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