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Thread: Trouble playing Wii games

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    Trouble playing Wii games

    Can anyone help me? This is the first time I download the game and playing with soft mod Wii. But when I downloaded the file didn't come with *txt, how can I get that file to play on my usb flash drive. The other games I had I used to back up from the original games so they have everything I can play them. But this one doesn't have that file. Can you help me? Thank you.

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    1. You downloaded a wii game? Are you sure you want the world to know this?
    2. You don't have a text file? You try asking whoever, wherever you got this from?
    3. You are soft modded? Would that have been done fairly recently, using our guides?
    4. Can we help you? Probably not, with issues 1,2, and 3 needing resolved.

    Also realize that you posted in a section specifically marked as "(hardmod only)".

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