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Thread: my wii bricked can you help

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    my wii bricked can you help

    hi all i did a LetterBomb hack and was all good till i when to put a new menu on. iv got a black screen with 4.1e at bottem of screen .
    did have preloader in but stop working when i did a blackwiimenu on . now i power on and just get a black screen i can get the 4.1e back up if i do the gc d pad in slot 4 but thats all i can do is ther a good autoboot disc out there thanks ?? ps i have my save nand backup and the hack went in as a iso not a boot2 i no im a noob sorry all :=((

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    thanks for the fast reply iv got it all back up now i got a autoboot b.l.i.n.d 2.0 pal and it did the job wow cool just put new menu back in and was all up with all my mods still working but thanks a gen:=))


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