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Thread: My introduction

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    My introduction

    So my name is Kevin and my life sucks. I am a recovering heroin addict. I recently got catfished lost everything I owned and had to move back in with my parents. They live on an island so there isnt much to do here so i decided to get back to my roots and start gaming again. I play smash brothers competitively and hope to see some of you lames at APEX next year. I wait tables at a fancy winery. I recently softmodded my new wii (had done it once before for my ex girl's little brother). I don't have much else to tell you but if any of you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. Oh I'm 22 in case you guys were wondering. I have already posted some stupid threads to help me with configuring everything properly and everyone was a great help. I will try my best to help other noobies when needed. Peace and chicken grease.

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    Not much at all if you live on one of the islands I think you do. Red or Blue?

    The longest bar in the world is kinda cool.
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