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Thread: Nintendo 3DS V5.0.0 firmware update on March 26th

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    Nintendo 3DS V5.0.0 firmware update on March 26th

    Nintendo 3DS system update to V5.0.0-11 on March 26th

    Nintendo released new 3DS V5.0.0-11 system today. the 3DS console is more powerfull. But the new firmware may bring compatibility problem on r4 cards. Please don't update your 3DS consoel to latest version if you are not sure your r4 card can support.
    Quoted from original news :

    " Major changes by updating to 5.0.0-11

    ● improve the convenience of "Nintendo e shop" (※ 1)
    In sleep mode during startup "Nintendo e-shop", we are now able to receive later unawares communication.
    In addition, and will be able to receive at a later "update data", we have improved the usability.
    ● Responding to save data takeover tool
    For details, "To move the saved data to the download version" refer to.
    ● Improved system stability and convenience
    So you can enjoy a more comfortable, we improve the system stability and convenience.
    ● eShop font now matches that of Wii U
    ● loading bar has changed in the Internet Browser "

    Note : pls dont update your console before update your card,otherwise your card will be blocked.

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    Thanks, but already been announced here:

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