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Thread: Installing WiiMod

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    Installing WiiMod

    I'm going to re-do the setup and I need WiiMod for the Modpack. How do I install WiiMod so I can install the Modpack? I reformatted the SDHC. Do I just throw the contents on the root and boot into Homebrew? And if so, will it install as a channel or do I need to keep it on the card? Thanks.

    WiiMod 2.6 version.

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    It's a good idea to read through chapter 2 more than 3 times at least, to make sure you're doing it right. This step is gonna install .wad files, which are for ios files. They won't be installed as channels, although a few of these wads are forwarders to USB loaders.
    You need to verify the modpack with the md5 checker, then just unzip it to the root of your SD card as you said. Careful using Wiimod, follow the instructions carefully.
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    read read and read some more on the softmod process ..if you follow it you wont have a problem...mauifrog is the man

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    WiiMod is included in the Modpack. No need to download or do anything extra. Just follow the guide's instructions and extract the modpack directly to your sd card and launch WiiMod from the Homebrew Channel.


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