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Thread: Wad Manager shuts off Wiimote and freezes

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    Wad Manager shuts off Wiimote and freezes

    I'm trying to install a wad for Dios Mios Lite on my Wii. I was told to select IOS 249 in the menu for Wad Manager, but once I select it, my Wii remote shuts off and desyncs from the console. I have to hold the power button to shut the console off so clearly it is frozen. How can I fix this issue so I can install the wad? I can provide a syscheck if necessary.

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    I always had problems with Wad manager when using certain versions of it (1.3,1.5,1.7)
    But I find that the wad manager in multi mod manager works every time, an it's simple to use. Try using Multi Mod Manager:
    Download Multi-Mod-Manager 13.4 Wii Homebrew Applications - FileTrip

    [choose manual download]

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    I tried using multi mod manager and it gave me this when i tried to install the wad.
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    Lesson to be learned: follow the current softmod guide first:

    And yeah, then one of the DM guide. Don't just flail around in the dark...


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