I've been wanting to add new sources to my source menu, but sometimes the source don't work, an it asks for a partition. So I select my SD card where all my emulators and roms are. Still nothing. I'm sure I used the right plugins, cuz I used the plugins provided by the Wiiflow wiki. There's an upload there that provides sources, and plugins. I'll look into this, maybe the magic numbers are wrong since I had to use separate vba .ini files for gb,gbc, and gba.
But that's one thing.

My other problem is the homebrew source. It shows old homebrew apps that I had ages ago. I tried deleeting the settings text file in the settings folder. I can't seem to get rid and refresh it. do I have to hit reload cache for each source? Does that option refresh the cache for all sources, or just the current source?
This happens to me in the emulator sources also.