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Thread: WiiFlow 4.1 Problem - If I download a box cover, no new games are allowed.

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    WiiFlow 4.1 Problem - If I download a box cover, no new games are allowed.

    Hi, I'm having a problem with WiiFlow 4.1. If I download ANY box covers, from then on if I put any new games on my external HDD, they will not show up in WiiFlow. If I delete all the box covers on the SD, then WiiFlow finally starts showing all the new games. This doesn't interfere with gameplay in any way, but it's certainly annoying, and I'm sure you can imagine why. How can I fix this? Fyi my game path is USB/wbfs (USB/games for GameCube games) and my boxcovers path is SD/wiiflow/boxcovers. Also, if it matters, I use WiiFlow's built in cover downloading function to get all my box covers. This same problem also occurred with WiiFlow 2.1 for me. Thanks in advance for help.

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    Might help to press home, then choose refresh cache. Then it'll refresh Wiiflow.
    I have similar problems in Wiiflow, not updating to the new stuff I add to my SD or USB HDD.

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