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Thread: help, I can't title a thread.

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    help, I can't title a thread.

    Please help. Used softmod instructions have homebrew channel coming up but everytime try to run app it loads then freezes when it says press a to install. using old white wii with 3.3 with motion plus inside and also gamecube controller.

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    Huh? You arent being very clear in the description of your problem. What app freezes? Press A to install what? Homebrew channel comes up? That means it launches, or it shows up but doesnt launch? You are going to have to be a bit more descriptive if you want help...

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    What app are you trying to run? Are you stuck on a part of the softmod any wii guide?
    Which chapter are you on?

    It'll help if you explain in details.

    Edit: Wow Cjizzle, you reply right at the same time xD

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