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Thread: Playing a DVD+R?

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    Playing a DVD+R?

    Hi i burned a wii game (COD black ops) and i have a DVD+R 4.7 gb disk i burned it into to it i have a white wii and i am PLANNING to use neogamma with it will it work? cuz i heard that wii can only read DVD-r? D:

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    Take the disc you burned, put it in your wii, launch neogamma, try to start the game, then you tell us.

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    The accepted defacto truth is that quality DVD-R burned at low speed is the best way to utilized burned media, if you have to. Some folks have had a degree of success with +R media, but it is not considered ideal. Your Wii needs to have a DVD drive that supports this (Wiis within the past few years do not). If you have a non-white Wii that you haven't physically replaced the drive in, it will not work.

    If you would like to read more about this, check the newbies guide in my signature, it is explained at length.

    Generally speaking, especially given where the prices of hard drives are these days, the vast majority of WiiHacks members softmod their Wiis and rip their games to a hard drive. It is significantly more convenient and reliable.


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