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Thread: nfs undercover running slow

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    nfs undercover running slow

    hi i have a backup of nfs which works but is very buggy, car keeps resetting and you can drive into the road which then causes your car to reset, i've tried searching the prob but cant find any answers to what could be wrong, i am using gamma v3 launcher, tried forcing to pal60 i have installed the wads needed and tried several burns at 2x and 4x with imgburn using verbatim -r and infiniti -r still the same, i thought it could be the iso so tried another but still the same. Does anyone have any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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    odds are, its a gamma error, since gamma isnt perfect *never will be* a lot of games are like this or just dont work

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    thanks for your reply admiral, do you know or have you heard of another update for backup launcher which might resolve these issues, as far as i can gather is it something to do with gamma not reading dvd fast enough, is this correct.

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    i know of nothing, and i dont think there will be anything

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    thanks again.

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    USA NTSC Wii @ 3.2u, gamma .3 w/002 fix running Need for Speed Undercover USA Wii-WiiST and not getting the problems you have. Seems to work with the more recent Softchip (r74-r78) as well.

    your mileage may vary....

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    thanks for the info, i might try a ntsc and force pal see if that works.

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    Just try searching for the version I am using. I was actually the first game I tried after softmodding my Wii so I learned about the 002 fix pretty quickly lol.

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    I have same problem (FW 3.4 europe), I tried WiiGator, Backup Loader, SoftChip(r78) and USA NTSC, Europe Pal dvd images - still the same - I'm getting my car reset same as you...

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    Just remember this. Softmodding as well as the current wave of inline modchips (drivekey, flatmod) run copied games at 3x read speed. Original discs read at 6x. This can explain why the game runs "slow". I have also read that some people, even with the original disc are complaining about draw speeds.

    Personally I haven't noticed it on my end, but it doesn't mean it isn't happening to me or perhaps I haven't gotten far enough into the game where I would notice it.


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