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Thread: USB Loader GX, black screen on remote shutdown

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    USB Loader GX, black screen on remote shutdown

    I have just installed USB Loader GX, it works well, but if i try to return to system menu (or priiloader set app, which is GX) i get black screen and no power off. I have to manually hold the off switch on the console to power it down.

    Not sure how to fix this.

    At the moment GX is installed on an 8gb SD card, autobooting directly into GX, and return is set to GX as well. If i set return to Sys Menu it doesnt make any difference.

    Launch UK/Pal Wii, 4.1e, 80gb wbfs drive.

    Any idea how to fix this functional annoyance ?

    P.S. On a somewhat related note, how does one install GX into wii itself ? I have Neogamma this way, but its not suitable for my daughter...

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    I'm thinking it might be an error with GX trying to "return" to itself. Try changing the Priiloader return option and see if there's a difference.

    As for the P.S., if you mean to make GX a channel in the System Menu, you must install a forwarder wad. Search for a forwarder for your version of GX, put it on your SD card and install the wad. The channel will then be in the System Menu.

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    Priiloader is set to autoboot into GX and "return" is set to "autoboot", but it returns to black screen and no power off. Wiimote turns off and wont sync while wii is in this blackscreen coma.

    I even tried to set the "return" in the GX but it doesnt work as well...

    Regarding RE: P.S. - I meant how do i install loader itself onto wii nand. I have NeoGamma installed this way, i dont need SD card to run it. Is it possible to run GX off of wii nand ?


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