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Thread: Can't sync more than one wiimote with certain games

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    Can't sync more than one wiimote with certain games

    Hi all,
    These forums have been very helpful in the past but i've finally got a problem i needed to register for to get figured out.
    I've got a wii again about a month ago after losing the last one in a flood a couple years ago. I softmodded it right away (can give more specifics of mod/part numbers/ etc if needed for if it helps) and it seemed to be working pretty well all and all. However some games have proved to be a real pain to sync more than one controller, always having to re-sync even though i'm not doing the "one-time" method through menu's. Now after I've played a few more different games I've got to the point where, no matter what i try, i cannot get more than one wii-mote to sync.

    I have 2 motionplus (built in) wii remotes and the problem can happen on either one---whichever i try to sync second. I'll boot the system, goto configurable USB loader (tried USB loader GX too), then boot Warioware. After I boot and press a button to turn on a controller it syncs fine, then I try to connect a second one which fails every time. Typically the second wiimote's lights will flash for a while then it will give up but sometimes I get the second player light to go on like its working but then it turns off after like 2 seconds. I've tried syncing in menu with the press 1+2 "one time" method, the press the sync on console and wiimotes, I've tried holding down the sync button on the console for 15 sec to clear the controllers which made it so neither was connecting in-game.
    I dunno what else to do, some games work fine, others will be a bit finicky but will work and now, with warioware, there's games where adding a 2nd controller is impossible. Is there a setting I should try to apply in config USB loader or USB loader GX (switching IOS or something maybe?)

    I searched here and google for help but i couldn't find this specific problem so if anyone can help i'd appreciate it.

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    Well WarioWare only uses one controller. When playing multiplayer you pass the Wiimote around. That's probably why it's not allowing you to sync a second Wiimote.

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    Really? I'll have to double check but when i goto the menu with the little trolly cart theres an option for single player(or maybe its story mode?) and then one for what i guess is multiplayer but its covered with like trash or paper or something. do i have to unlock multiplayer or something?
    Hopefully as you said thats why the second one wont turn on since its a pass n play game. I'll bump this thread if I find another game (w/ two controllers) that won't let me turn on the second wiimote.
    Thanks for the response.

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    Yes you have to beat the single player mode in order to unlock the multiplayer mode. What you're experiencing is perfectly normal.

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    Ah thanks!
    I guess i just jumped to the conclusion that something wasn't right from all the syncing troubles i was having with other games (where it would eventually sync). Thanks for the reply again, appreciated.

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    No problem. Enjoy the game!

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