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Thread: Please help me by Suggesting a Devastatingly Clever Thread Title

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    Question Please help me by Suggesting a Devastatingly Clever Thread Title

    I'm confused once i get past the NES, SNES and N64 Roms and how to move them from my computer (legally obtained) zipped file to my wii. The NES, SNES and N64 are all pretty easy where its' just a simple drag and drop one file to the emulator ROMS folder on my SD card and voila!'s there.

    When i get to my Sega Saturn downloads, etc there are many files. I guess my question is, do i just need to make a folder for each game in the ROMS section of each emulator and then put all files per each game in each game folder? Or which do i need to do? I've noticed some have a bunch of mp3s, etc and other things zipped so trying to figure out how to do it... in layman terms please

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    Sounds like a question for the app developers to figure out the format that the app is expecting the files to be in.

    I've never tried using the Saturn emulator, so I have no idea.
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    not even just that -- but any of them that have more than one file.... like MAME, Neo Geo, etc


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