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Thread: How to copy Super Smash Brawl save game on the Wii

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    How to copy Super Smash Brawl save game on the Wii

    Hi I don't know where to post this but here goes,
    How do copy and save games on Super Smash Brawl? My wiil is Homebrewed and I'm running a Backup USB drive, (we own a genuine copy of SSB btw)
    Can anyone help, I've tried to copy other freiends Saved game with no avail, is there a homebrew app thet will work with this game?

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    There is a Wii Save Game Manager homebrew app that should export a save state to the SD card to be imported on another.

    Both system will need to be homebrew-capable for that to work.
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    why do people say you can't copy a save file from one wii to another with the wii built in copy command? (assuming you have the priiloader hack enable). I have done it successfully from my white --> black wii.

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    I have heard that too. I was also able to this after turning off the save protection with priilaoder no problems (smash, Kart, City Folk).

    Save Game Manager is still usefull for managing emunand saves however. By the way, not sure if the latest release fixed it but it's best to run that app from the SD card. When I run it from USB it does not save the configuration and every time I run it it is defaulting to USB8 and I have to change the paths and point it to emunand....sort of a pain.


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