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Thread: Mobile suit gundam 0079

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    Mobile suit gundam 0079

    woo one of the most fun wii games

    Controls: 10/10
    this game plays just like armored core, its not hard to fight, or play, in the end even if you dont know japanese its by far not needed to learn them for this game!

    Gameplay: 10/10
    i love playing this game, i get in my ZAKU unit and just destory everything =P, in the end most times i end of shooting while jetting twords the enemy, then slash him to death, but sometimes i get nailed like crazy, this game is great because not every method always works 100% of the time, and many times its more than just kill ___ theres often protect ___ this, or destroy that!

    ive been playing for 15 hours, and im about 60% so theres a lot to do!

    design: 10/10
    stays very true to the anime/manga, and looks GREAT!

    Overall: 10/10
    this game is just fun to play, just to do the various campaigns, there's several stories, and theres a TONS of varity, the mechs have good AI, sometimes ill get cornered and die, other times ill make it out with like 3% hp XD, its GREAT TO PLAY, and amazingly fun!

    [ame=]YouTube - Mobile Suit Gundam MS Front 0079 Wii Gameplay[/ame]


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    Looks fun. I've always been a gundam fan. Can't wait to try out.

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    Is this game japanese or american?

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    it's japanese

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    Quote Originally Posted by aeix View Post
    it's japanese
    Any advice on how to play this on a U system? I am a big gundam fan and would love to try this out


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