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Thread: Another Puzzle. Bricked Korean Wii, no sd card with odd chip.

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    Another Puzzle. Bricked Korean Wii, no sd card with odd chip.

    Hello all, good to see you guys still running strong! I have inherited what I believe is a Korean Wii (Serial number starts with LKH). It is missing the SD card and shows a pink and green screen. It has a chip attached to the outside as shown in picture. Not much information, I know... From the other threads I have seen, it seems like it was a US update that caused it to sh*t bricks. Purely speculation.

    How can I start fixing this thing? New SD? Get Gamecube controller? Or is it a lost cause?

    Thanks for any and all input.
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    You have a Sunkey fusion
    SunKey Fusion 3in1 modchip for Wii - Nintendo Wii - Zimbio

    Your wii is semibricked, it has korean region settings, but a non korean menu installed. You can fix it simple. Get a gc controller and do savemiifrii, see what version system menu is installed.
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