Hey Guys.

I've loaded GeckoOS 'cause I wanna cheat my Mario Kart.
Sounds funny, I know. :D

I used GeckoCodes.org - WiiRD Code Database 'cause I can't load any manager.
My Laptop is too old. D:
Mac - Powerbook G4.

So I couldn't handel the Wii Mote - Options.

But I still used it.

And it works... Just halfways.

"The Starpower" works... but not the shells or something. :<
I used the Multi-Hack.
So the code for Wii-Mote Handling is there.
But it won't work.

Can anyone help me, or send me a file, with all the right options, that I can use directly?

Srsly. It sounds so fckn funny. D:

But I need help. :(