loved the original remake hoooooooooo! xD

Controls: 7/10
this game is very good, its just sometimes the required tasks make the controls VERY hard to use ~_~

Gameplay: 7/10
just like the original, everything is there, just with a better looks... sadly nothing big was added only Costumes ~_~ and you had to just win the game to get them =\ but other than that its a solid game, and as fun as ever

Art: 10/10
ive always loved the art from this series, its nice to see the updated look for the fun original

Overall: 5/10 if you played the original, 9/10 if you didnt
the fact that there is almost NOTHING NEW, replaying it is more of a waste of time ~_~ but if you never played it this game is very original and very fun, i enjoyed it then, still enjoyed it now!