controls: 7/10
same as melee for the most part, and some controllers have a HUGE edge over another ~_~ which makes it bothersome....

Gameplay: 5/10
i personally unlocked everyone like 8 times *long story*
in the end, you play this game, and its more of just a expansion of Melee, with a few new things like the "smash ball" which i dont personally like, some people have AMAZING moves *sonic/meta knight*, and some people got trash *snake*
unless you REALLY liked melee, this game isnt anything special, and i still ended up enjoying Melee better, i think the balancing was better for the most part -,_-,

Art: 10/10
this game looks great, but its nothing special in my book, considering its more "tweaks" than great art =\

Overall: 5/10
we waited 3+ years, for a new one... and it wasnt anything HUGE.. like smash to melee was... also a lot of the characters felt like Cut/pastes or just a joke to play as and or fan service like snake... in the end unless you got friends, and you like party fighters, i wouldnt put in the time ~_~