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Thread: (PS2 vs. Wii) Metal Slug Anthology, why is it so pixelated?

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    (PS2 vs. Wii) Metal Slug Anthology, why is it so pixelated?


    Guys, this is my first post here. Excuse me if I should post this in some other subforum, please, move it if I did wrong.

    I wanted to know why is it that the PS2 version of Metal Slug Anthology looks better (to me at least) than the Wii version.

    Here are some screenshots I took myself, comparing the consoles right on the same tv (LCD Samsung 40" LN40C550)

    Note: Wii is entering through COMPOSITE video cable, PS2 normal A/V cable (white, red and yellow).


    ps2 close up.jpgps2.jpg


    wii close up.jpgwii.jpg

    To me, the Wii version looks really pixelated! Am I doing something wrong? this just baffles me, I thought that Wii version would look slightly better, or at least equal, not worse!

    TV is configured to 16:9 Widescreen.

    Here's a 1 minute video comparing both systems while switching between them back and forth. It starts with Wii version, close up, switch to PS2, close up, then back to Wii. Sorry for the shaky camera, I did it by myself (it sucks, I know)

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    I see no difference between the 2 versions. How are your systems set up? If your Wii is setup with standard AV cables and displaying in 480i that might explain why it doesn't look as good to you. If you use component cables and set the Wii to 480p it will look better.

    Edit: Composite for the Wii? Is composite the same as component which allows 480p output?

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    Composite is the same as AV hookups and is 480i only. Component is what allows for 480p.

    So both are rendering at the same resolution.

    As for which looks better, I also don't see a difference. It may be due to the fact we're seeing it filtered through a camera lense and you are seeing it with the naked eye.
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    The PS2 version looks much less sharp to me. It's an emulated game. There's no reason it should be more or less pixelated on different systems.

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    I can see the difference.
    The Wii is more pixelated that's for sure.
    I wonder if there is a difference between the Anthology and the VC versions?

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    The ps2 does have some advantages over the wii in graphics. It has 32bit colour instead of the 24bit colour of wii and there are some games like Gran Turismo which are 1080i on ps2 but I don't think metal slug is high res on ps2 and you are using a composite cable anyway.

    If your wii is using a component cable I would try 480i, 576i (if in europe) and 480p and see which is better.

    There are ps2 games that do look better than similar wii games. This wouldn't be a first if Metal slug looked better on ps2. Generally though it goes the other way most of the time. Gran Turismo looks pretty amazing on ps2 in 1080i.


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