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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy

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    Super Mario Galaxy

    this game was fun for half of the time...

    Controls: 7/10
    they were simple, and very true to the series, a lot like 64, i had no real issues besides view issues -,_-,

    Gameplay: 5/10
    i know im the devil i didnt just LOVE it
    my big problem with this game was 2 things
    1. to get 100% complete and get the 121st star, you MUST beat it as both Mario and Luigi... that means beating all 120 stages AGAIN, with a person whom is basically exactly the same... to me i felt that was HIGHLY uneeded -,_-, many things i didnt enjoy doing once, much less 2+

    and 2. this game doesnt have the amazing idea that 64 had, which was basicly you can win it 1 of like 5 ways every time, and some were special made stages with special boss's that give stars or something unique about it... in this game every stage is a Unique even if you are doing the same thing -,_-, also there are 2 random stars that just come at a random time or you got to move and personally force to get it to work... i felt that was uneeded and most of them were a pain
    Beat the stage REALLY fast
    and Race to star -,_-,

    in addition to those 2 annoying things, i never enjoyed the mini game like stages... the manta surfing was so annoying, like most of the others, and i would rather just skip -,_-,

    Design: 9/10
    by far one of the best looking games for the wii, and i always love seeing this series evolve

    Overall: 7/10
    if you can ignore the 2 really big annoyances i mentioned, then this is for you, but personally i just cant stand doing the same thing again and again and again ~_~

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    Yeah dude your right about that bloody manta surfing, I got so far, and then... slip!

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    this is one I've been waiting to try out, however I do hate repetition so maybe not, will see once I get it ..

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    completely agree, fun but you repeat the same tasks over and over and order.


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