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Thread: Networking into a softmodded wii

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    Networking into a softmodded wii

    I have a softmodded wii with external USB harddrive and the guy I bought it from told me I could access it via my home network and upload movies and such to it from my PC, but he never told me how to do it.
    When my wii is powered up, I do not see it on my network, and have not been able to formulate the correct wording for a successful google search to figure out how.
    Is it even possible or was he just blowing smoke to help entice me into buying the set up from him?

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    Just plug the external USB device into your comp via USB, you can copy stuff that's much less complicated.

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    I second that. Every computer has a usb port, so you should have absolutely no problem with using your comp.
    Files would transfer faster, and it's something anyone can do. Especially if your Hard drive is formatted to FAT32, Windows should recognize it.

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    The whole purpose of me making my post is because I do not like doing that. It is monotonous to have to pull my entertainment center out from the wall, unplug the power and USB cords for the HDD and then take the HDD to my PC on the other side of the house, connect it all do whatever uploads and deletions I want to make then take it all back and hook everything back up and put the entertainment center back against the wall.
    It would be much simpler to be able to just sit down at my PC, open my networking and access the wii HDD right there as I can any of the other PC's on my network, upload the files and make whatever changes I want and be done with it.
    Networking to it = Simple
    Disconnecting and taking to a PC everytime I want to add or subtract from the HDD = time consuming and irritating

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    Wow, and I thought I was lazy...LOL

    What you are looking for is FTPii. It turns your Wii into an FTP server. OK so you want to transfer a movie (I assume divx format). You realize how long that will take on a wireless G connection? And why do you have to move everything out from the wall just to get to a USB port? The front of your entertainment center barricaded like fort knox or something LOL? FTPii is great for small files, but if I were you I would reconsider my setup if just plugging in something is that much of a hastle...

    Of course, that is just my opinion, I could be wrong

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    Why not just setup a SMB share on your pc, then stream what you like to your media player or pull files over to the wii with wii explore.
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    Cjizzle, I have to pull the ent. center out to get to the power supply for the USB hdd. It is has it's own power source that I must disconnect from the wall behind the ent. center and take with the hdd to my pc in order for the hdd to work when I do connect it to my pc. 30% lazy 70% irritation that I have to do this every time. Just something I care not to do on a regular basis any longer.

    Mauifrog, thank you for the direction. I will do some research and see if I can do this. The storage drive on the PC is already set up as a share, so it should be a matter of using the wii to access it via wii explore.
    Will post back my results.

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    I stream movies from Samba shares in WiiMC sometimes when my TV's DLNA or AirPlay is being lame. Forget about HD movies regardless; the Wii simply can't handle them. Funny thing about the Wii: the Ethernet dongle is SLOWER than its wi-fi connection . . . never could get an answer about why that is. I thought maybe because the HD and dongle share the same USB bus, but that doesn't really explain why transfers to the SD card are just as horrible. Unless the card reader is on the USB bus too along with the Bluetooth module.


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