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Thread: never did this before...probably simple but wanted to check

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    never did this before...probably simple but wanted to check

    wanted install game Burger_Time_USA_VC_NES_Wii-OneUp containing (Burger Time NTSC-U.wad) 11mb in size on softmodded wii. Is it as simple as dropping this in wad folder then installing ???

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    Use multi mod manager to install the wad.
    First place the wad file in the wad folder in your SD card.
    Then in multi mod manager, choose wad manager. Then choose the wad you're installing and select it. Now install it an you're done.

    Get MMM from here: Download Multi-Mod-Manager 13.4 Wii Homebrew Applications - FileTrip
    Choose manual download, not automatic.

    Caution: Installing a bad wad, or a VC game from another region can be dangerous, can result in a brick. A banner brick I believe it's called.
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    Great, thanks...will give it a try


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