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Thread: Soft-modded disc read error

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    Soft-modded disc read error


    I have a 4.3U soft-modded wii with a broken disc drive, used the Soft-mod ANY Wii guide with letterbomb, everything was working fine. Yesterday, I had finished downloading a digital version of my game "Carnival Games", transfered it to the drive, and reconnected the drive to my wii. Everything was fine, USB Loader GX started up, but I got a disc read error on the Carnival game. No biggie, I thought, as it had happened with one of the other games I was able to find a copy of. Unfortunately, now the error shows for every game I have (and I have no operational disc drive to re-rip them). Would I be able to just take the Carnival game off the drive, or is there a specific process I'd have to follow?


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    Ignore. Dead thread.
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    closing thread as it is duplicate.
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