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Thread: Usb Loader GX thinks I have Dios Mios Lite..?

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    Usb Loader GX thinks I have Dios Mios Lite..?

    I'm a newbie to Wii homebrew, softmodding and its community, but my experiences have gone off without a hitch until now.

    I've run my GC backups from USB using DIOS MIOS v2.8 in Configurable USB Loader perfectly recently, but in Usb loader GX it asks me if I want to move the game to the SD card when I hit start (an error message I guess). What's that about? I suspect it has to do with GX thinking I'm running Dios Mios Lite because all the preferences refer to DML.

    What have I done wrong here? Anything? I'd prefer to use GX over Configurable because I prefer its interface, it's quicker to startup and it has a channel bundles with the download.

    Maybe it seems a bit trivial, but it's a tad annoying.

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    We do have guides; did you even follow one of them?

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    You may not like this answer but: I did follow a guide that I trusted but not the Wii hacks one. The wiihacks one needed me to download DM toolbox and the DM wad, but the DM developers unfortunately host their files on a website that allows one file download every 3 hours (which wiihacks linked to). So I instead downloaded a Wizard program (I'm not sure if you've heard of it, its called DMLizard) and while it has the "Lite" version in its name it did indeed download the DM wad for me, set up my isos into correct directories and such.

    I know people not following instructions on this forum must frustrate you, but I've looked through the instructions and can't see where I've gone wrong. Can you help me out even though it is of my fault?


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    U are using the wrong revision of usb loader gx, it has to be r1200+

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    Whoah yeah my loader is very old my bad. Thanks guys.

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    Where is revision 1200 and beyond? I can't find an official download for it anywhere with the revision in the title :C I've gone and followed one of your guides on usb launcher pob - ill see how it turns out

    Seriously I hav no idea what rev im using, cant find a notepad file telling me anywhere.
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    Thanks Pob I'll try that, did you compile it yourself or is there actually a place to download different revisions? bc this site: Downloads - usbloader-gui - USB Loader GX: GUI for Waninkoko´s USB Loader (based on libwiigui) - Google Project Hosting is a mess.

    Edit: Oops, Im starting to think that those releases are old and of old developers...? This has been a lesson to me.

    It works! You genius! *mwah*
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    Yes. A new dev team took over GX development after GX3.0 came out, so that's why no new versions have been released on that google code project.

    I'm not sure who compiled it, but it was out there on a mediafire link and we've been using that.

    As for multiple downloads from that other site, DMToolbox and everything you need should be all contained within the DM/DML .zip file that you downloaded. You wouldn't need to download anything else.
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