Controls: 1/10
i never fully even figured them out -,_-, most of the time i just ran and swong XD worked well though....

Gameplay: 1/10
unlocking all but 1 character can be done in a hour easily... also a lot of stages make you go BACK finsh the next chain *if u can even figure out how* then beat all the stages again and again and again till you win them all... theres over 100 story stages... most of them are just plot, and in the end after i got to Grimjaw with the 3 forms, i just mashed and won most stages with a perfect =\, over time i also relized you can use a partner, which basically ment THIS GAME IS CAKE, you can seriously sleep and win with partner =\

Story: 8/10
enough of the past story is there where if you like bleach or not, you can figure this game out plot wise, but since the story is very dull... i wasnt happy, but i gave it a good mark because it is a popular series, and my Opinion shouldn't diminish the fact people enjoy the series story. just don't expect hard core plot points... a good example of the lacking is
*not gonna use real character names out of lazyness*
villian "i cant be cut"
person fighting him -cuts, but fails-
villian "i said i cant be cut!"
person fighting him -uses 2 hands-
villian "NOOOOOOO!"
he dies =\

Design: 10/10
ive always liked the bleach character Designs, this game stayed true to the original, so no problems there, not the best looking wii game, but not the worst in any respect

Overall: 3/10
since i unlocked everyone but 1 character, randomly swinging and pushing buttons... thats saying a lot ESP when i did it in a hour, sadly i wasnt the only person to do it that fast.... in fact MOST people beat it within a hour... the most annoying of all, was to unlock the final person *filler character =\* you had to randomly win him in the lotto machine, think Melee trying to get a really rare item Y-Y