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Thread: How to put MW3 Codes in

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    Cool How to put MW3 Codes in

    this is my very first forum. i found some codes off the internet for mw3. they look cool and i would love to try them. though i have no idea how to put them in... i have always shunned cheating and hacks but now ill be normal because so many other people do it to and i will equal with them. also i would love to join a clan if anyone offers. i only play fridays saturdays or sundays cuz i have hw and i get tired thanks
    ill put my ally code up soon. my name on mw3 is AHH The Elite

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    Cheating for the online experience will not be facilitated on wiihacks. While there may be in cases a gray area in terms of a user's intent, none exist here. Do not make a thread about this again. READ THE RULES!


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