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Thread: Looking for a reliable wireless GC controller for Wii

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    Looking for a reliable wireless GC controller for Wii

    Hello all,

    After weeks of working on getting my Wii updated and playing my old GC games I soon discovered that my couch and TV are at a longer distance than my wired GC controller.

    Now after seeing the Wavebird controller is ridiculously priced on Amazon for a Nintendo brand controller that is listed as compatible with Wii, I thought I'd come here for advise.

    Is there a reliable third party WIRELESS Gamecube Controller out there that is compatible to play GC games and doesn't have many issues that would hinder gaming on a regular basis?

    Also, I am looking at upgrading my memory card to the largest possible, anyone have any ideas? I know that the GCMM can make a virtual memory card but would prefer to have a physical memory card. Found the 1019 memory card. Got that on order now.


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    Wavebird has my vote. I bought two of them about 10 years ago, and both are still working as good as new.

    I wouldn't spend the $160 - $200 on amazon for one, though.

    Looking around, this may be a decent alternative. KMD Komodo Shockwave Wireless Black Controller for Wii and Gamecube: Video Games I've never tried it, but for $16, it's a minimal investment.

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    I do like to talk to myself though.

    Im still gonna try around at all the pawn shops and used game places for a wavebird. Hoping to score a used one in decent shape.

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    If you get a wireless gamecube remote, I suggest using rechargeable AA batteries. You'll save yourself money.

    As suggested by SNES_Master on another post, good rechargeable batteries are the Energizer AA rechargeable batteries. (IF the remote takes AA)
    Costs about $30 for four batteries, and the charger itself. Can get them from any store. Energizer 15-Minute Battery Charger Kit With Car Adapter: Electronics

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    Well, instead of ordering one from the net I scoured used games stores and found 2 good shape Plat Wavebirds for 9.99 each. Picked up one and looks to be working quite well from what I can tell.

    Definitely gonna pick up the rechargeable batteries thing too. Got too many things running on batteries NOT to have one.

    Now all that is left is to get the 1019 memory card and I will be set.

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    You found Wavebirds for 9.99 each? That's really good.

    I have tried several third party ones and they have all been garbage.

    I ended up just getting a used extension cord and an official controller. I wish their was a wireles extension cord where you could just plug in any gamecube controller.
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    Yea, I only picked one up though to test with, going back today to see if i can get the second one. Probably going to use one to test modding with (repainting, replacing C with another gray joystick etc)

    I tried the ext cord, but soon realized I have a son that is about to start just spelled disaster.


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