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Thread: Need help, it's been a long while

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    Us Need help, it's been a long while

    Hello all,
    I have a old softmod wii and I forget how to do things on it. The basic issue is there are some games that will not work because the USB loaders need updates from what I have read. So I need help with updating/re-learning to mod without bricking obviously. So when I boot up to the preloader menu this is what I see:
    IOS v60 System menu v449
    Priiloader v0.4 (r78)
    Priiloader is a mod of Preloader 0.30

    What do I need and how do i do it?

    Also I connected the wifi and when I went to the homebrew channel it said there was an update, so I downloaded the update and did the install through bootmii (i think by default) and after the update the homebrew channel no longer shows the installed items in the list like WiiFlow and a few others. Also my version of wiiflow is very old and I wanted to update that as well.

    Thank you in advance for helping and understanding I've lost my way...again

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