Yeah i seriously played this game -,_-,

Controls: 3/10
this is just a point and click game, a lot like Fragile, but no where near as nice looking... just look at the main character...

Gameplay: 1/10
worst gameplay on the wii by far, though it was just like Fragile again, just telling a story... you just point and click, and after enough pointing and clicking you win the game =\

story: ?/10
i liked the idea, but once i get into the game, i found it hard to care, it was VERY boring and draged on.... i didnt finsh reading it so im not reviewing it =P

Art: 1/10
just looking at the main characters *pic above* you can clearly see its not very nice, it looks VERY CHILDISH, and unappealing like they just went one day were making a wii game, and made it in a 3 day weekend -,_-,....

Voice acting: (yes this game gets a mention for this) -10/10 =P
Captain rainbow, has the WORST VOICE ACTOR I HAVE EVER HEARD ENGLISH OR JAPANESE! he sounds Highly special ed -,_-, *im sorry he just does* and i ended up Muting my game when i played as him -,_-, it was disapointing since this game is like 99% story, it was a sad thing that such a important thing was taken so lightly like a joke Y-Y

[ame=]YouTube - Captain Rainbow : Wii Gameplay Japan (High Quality)[/ame]

Overall: 1/10
theres too many annoyances to playing this game, that its not even funny, if they got fixed in another region i might give it another go but i wouldnt waste the time, if i was you ESP if you dont know japanese!