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Thread: Hi I have a question to ask and need help

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    Question Hi I have a question to ask and need help

    Every time I install weds it says error with all of my weds I have downloaded like dvdx and stuff like that, Am I doing some thing wrong I followed tutorials and stuff and I still get errors. I have the Wad Manger installed but I just keep getting errors, its been along time sent iv worked or played on my wii, and I don't remember how to stuff on it, its soft mod , please if any one can help me please help thanks so much for your time and reading my post.

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    If you haven't softmodded for long, you should update your softmods using the softmod any wii guide here:
    Using steps chapter 2 and up

    I personally don't use wad manager anymore, cuz it doesn't work for me sometimes either. I use multi mod manager to install wads, works without error

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    Ok, thanks so much for your help


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