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Thread: Playing GC Games on Wii that doesn't have GC ports

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    Playing GC Games on Wii that doesn't have GC ports

    I was unfortunate enough to pick up a black wii without realizing it didn't have GC ports. I realize that this presents several problems... From what I understand the hardware is identical except for the missing ports, making it technically possible to play cube games. However, I understand that gamecube mode shuts down the wii mote and USB, making it impossible to play the game with anything other than the GC controller.

    My question is this: is there some sort of a program that can bypass this, rendering something like the wii classic controller capable of controlling the cube? Obviously this will involve loading up a program that'll allow me to play my cube backups.

    Any advice here, or am I SOL?

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    For now you're sol. While Devolution (a program that loads GC ISOs from a USB device) will support classic con in the future it is currently not possible to play GC games without a GC controller.


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