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Thread: Kirby's Epic Yarn not working

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    Kirby's Epic Yarn not working

    I have searched and searched and most people say this game works fine but it's giving me problems.

    Using USB Loader GX r1209 I get a black or blue screen error as soon as I load saying an error has occured blah blah.

    Wii Flow loads the game but semi freezes at the menu screen, the controller stops working, it shows as connected but I can't select or move the options.

    I have tried ripping it a few times and with each loader and the result is the same. I tried a few different CIOS, the 249 base 56 from the softmod guide and I tried the latest d2x v10.

    The game plays fine from disc and I verified the rip is good by running it in Dolphin.

    I am out of ideas. Can anyone help?

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    Is that the latest rev of GX? I've lost track of all the revs lol.
    If not, you should upgrade GX to the latest revision. Link below.. - usbloader-gui - The ultimative All-In-One package for USB Loader GX v3.0 (boot IOS 249) - USB Loader GX: GUI for Waninkoko´s USB Loader (based on libwiigui) - Google Project Hosting
    Before that you could try deleting the GX config file on your SD card, then boot GX again, and see if that works.

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    It is the latest I think, it's the version from snes masters devolution guide. All my other games work great with it.


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