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Thread: Animal Crossing: City Folk

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    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    Controls: 8/10
    this game is the same as the others, nothing really to say, their basic and easy, and the 1 = screen shot is a nice little feature...

    Gameplay: 5/10
    its not bad to play in the end dont get me wrong *though i dont see what makes it fun i respect those who enjoy it*

    most people end up Hacking this game, semi hacking, or asking someone to hack it for them... from the moment you hack the game, it becomes a lot less interesting because you're not working twords anything... most people want all the bells they can get, so in the end the game is a joke on how easily you can get everything done....

    Design: 8/10
    a lot of the items, and costume things are nice references or just great add ons! i did enjoy dressing up my character, but it only entertained me for so long -,_-,

    Overall: 5/10 if youre alone, and 8/10 if you got friends
    basically if you dont have anyone to show your town to... its very pointless a lot of the fun is seeing what other people did, and having interactions between them, also if you own Wild World, its about the same game -,_-, very little reason to get it again, with minor perks...

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    Yeah man, I know what you mean about the game being the same, I was a major fan of the other two, but this just didn't do it for me.

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    This game is lots of fun if you play it casually and dont devote alot of time to it day to day. It's easy to get burned out on this game if you try to do too many things too quick. Most importantly do not cheat or hack this game. If you do, it gets boring fast. I played this game for 2 months straight and one day I decided to cheat and I stopped playing that day. I havent played it since and that was 7 months ago.


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