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Thread: Installing WiiFlow on Hardmod

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    Installing WiiFlow on Hardmod

    Hi All

    Hope someone can help me out here...

    Just found my old WII with a Wiiktus/Infectus chip installed, and wanted to install WiiFlow on it...

    Currently I have only been using the chip to play backups, but now I want to use a USB disk instead of the CD backups...

    I have no homebrew channel installed, how do I get the channel and WiiFlow on the old WII..??

    The Wii has not been softmodded, is the best way to move from hardmod -> softmod???

    Hope someone can help me out here...


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    First thing you need to do is go to Introduce yourself thread, a mod will give you many useful links.
    Carefully read the softmod any wii guide and I believe you will get the info you require


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